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1. What Does My Name MARIN Meaning?
The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Miryam." It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. An alternative meaning in Engish is "mistress of the sea."

2. What Does My Name MACINTOSH Meaning?
The prominent and quite common Gaelic name is found across the region and upon translation, means 'leader' or 'son of the chief'. A person with this name is sure to be of strong character and a born leader.

3. What Does My Name NED Meaning?
This is a popular English name which means Wealthy Guardian. It came from Eadweard meaning happy and rich guardian. Also from Edgar which means fortunate and powerful.

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4. What Does My Name GUPTA Meaning?
This ancient Hindu name has its derivatives in the Devanagari script and is one of the earliest in existence. The name refers to a 'protector' or a 'guardian'.

5. What Does My Name DIANNE Meaning?
This is a French girl's name that came from Diana. The name means beauty and swiftness which from the mythological ancient Roman divinity.

6. What Does My Name HEYMAN Meaning?
It means a person who has a general interest in the well-being of other people and has a natural calling to serve and help others in a way that appears humanitarian.

7. What Does My Name HEMBERGER Meaning?
This is a habitational name given to someone originating from the various places that are named Hemberg or Hembergen. Also means someone who attracts success, happiness, and self-sufficiency.

8. What Does My Name JOHANSEN Meaning?
It is a Scandinavian patronymic name which means son of Johan. The name is common in Denmark as well as Norway.

9. What Does My Name FITE Meaning?
This is a surname found in Warwickshire. It is an American version of the German Viet. Which means it is of German origin.

10. What Does My Name HOOKER Meaning?
The name came from the root word HOOK or it also means makers of hooks. It is also said that it is of English mainly Southeastern origin.

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11. What Does My Name LEA Meaning?
This Spanish name has its origins again in the Hebrew language. It was made famous as the name of the first wife of Jacob and means 'to tire'.

12. What Does My Name GORDON Meaning?
The name has a Scottish origin and it was derived from the name of a place meaning spacious fort. The meaning of the name is also associated with greatness.

13. What Does My Name COVINGTON Meaning?
A habitational name that comes from Covinton. It means Scottish when used as a last or surname in Scottish origins. In some other places, it means Columba's Town.

14. What Does My Name AGRAMONTE Meaning?
Agramonte is a habitational name that means a person who originates from Agramonte.

15. What Does My Name BUHR Meaning?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.

16. What Does My Name MCFETRIDGE Meaning?
A Scottish name derived from Mac Pheadruis. This is a Scottish Gaelic form of the common name "Peter." It, therefore, means "rock."

17. What Does My Name AUSMUS Meaning?
This is a distinguished name used in Greece which meant 'loved', A person named so is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies. The great historian Erasmus comes to mind with this name.

18. What Does My Name FINKLER Meaning?
This is a proud symbol of the ancient Jewish. It is a popular name in the medieval Germany which means diamond.

19. What Does My Name MULLINS Meaning?
The name is of Irish background believed to be an anglicization of the name O Maolain. A derivative of "maol" which means tonsured or bald.

20. What Does My Name ORAVEC Meaning?
The name has a Czech and Slovak origin. It is a regional name meaning someone who originates from or is a native of the region of Orava.

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21. What Does My Name MITCHELL Meaning?
It is a surname which derives from the Saxon and Anglian words which means BIG. In Hebrew, this boy's name means a gift from God.

22. What Does My Name MICCO Meaning?
The name has a Native American Origin whereby it was used in place for a chief. It also is used to mean a person who has the power to rule.

23. What Does My Name EKSTROM Meaning?
This ornamental name has its derivatives in Swedish and has the elements referring to Oak and the River current. A person with this name is fine in harmony and is easy-going with refined features.

24. What Does My Name HOISINGTON Meaning?
The name is habitational of which means someone who comes from Horsington. This is a village which was considered to belong to the Horsa's.

25. What Does My Name WHISTON Meaning?
It is considered a habitational name that originated from the various places named Whiston. The meaning, from Old English, means a white stone.

26. What Does My Name MUSCAT Meaning?
Derived from French, Muscat refers to a variety of white, red or black grape with a musky scent. It is grown in warm climates like the Mediterranean and is used for wine, raisins or for the table. It is also the name of the capital of Oman.

27. What Does My Name HEYWARD Meaning?
Another result of the Norman influence, it is used to refer to a protector of grooves from vandals, animals and poacher. It is a powerful name of meaning.

28. What Does My Name COTTINGHAM Meaning?
The name originates from a Parish near Hull in Yorkshire making it a habitational name. The meaning of the name is " The homestead of the Cotta's people.

29. What Does My Name PATRON Meaning?
This beautiful Spanish name has a devout meaning to it. It derives from the word Padre or father. Such a person holds spiritual significance in the lives of people around him.

30. What Does My Name ENGELHARD Meaning?
A person with this name has the ability to understand people and merge conflicting viewpoints. He does well interacting with the public and can use his skills of diplomacy to soothe people.

31. What Does My Name CHAS Meaning?
This is pronounced as CHAZ. It is an American name for a boy. Comes from the old English word CEORL which means a strong man.

32. What Does My Name TRACEY Meaning?
The name is originally British but was derived from the Irish word "treasach." The literal meaning is "fighter" or "war-like.

33. What Does My Name BAER Meaning?
It has references to a bear in the Old German tongue. The name is used to call a person who resembles the creature in any way or is from a family with the crest of a bear.

34. What Does My Name COLUMBO Meaning?
Derived from the Latin word "colomba" which means dove. It also means a person of high favor as the dove is considered to symbolize the Holy Spirit in the Bible.

35. What Does My Name NATERA Meaning?
This name represents versatility, enthusiasm and agility. It can also mean unconventional methods. This is originated in Venezuela.

36. What Does My Name FAVARO Meaning?
The name is derived from Fava of which means a bean grower or seller. A second meaning is someone who wears clothes that are brightly colored or multi-colored.

37. What Does My Name MICHL Meaning?
An ancient name with roots in the Hebrew religion, it asks a rhetorical question, 'Who is like God?'. This is definitely one of the most interesting names I've come across and leaves no doubt about its popularity.

38. What Does My Name LIBERATORE Meaning?
This is a name of Italian origin derived from the Latin word "Liberator." It means a person with liberty or a person who is free.

39. What Does My Name BOUZA Meaning?
This is a Galician. It means fenced-plantation of trees or infertile land. It is also a surname where it can be found in 4 different countries.

40. What Does My Name COFIELD Meaning?
This is the variant of the English name Caulfield. The name is meant to describe a person who is highly sensitive, has an intuitive nature and is idealistic.