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1. What Does My Name ATKIN Mean?
This is an interesting surname which derives from AD which means red earth where the first man has been created and KIN which is an Old English suffix.

2. What Does My Name PATES Mean?
The name is both Scottish and English. It is a short term for Patrick. From French meaning paws which is applied to a man with big and clumsy feet.

3. What Does My Name MCIVER Mean?
This name originates from a Northern Irish and Scottish background. It was derived from the Gaelic name "Mac Iomhair." It means, son of Iomhair.

What does my name mean

4. What Does My Name DICK Mean?
The Germanic elements of this name mean brave, power or rule. It remains a very popular English name and is used widely to signify a persons ability and character.

5. What Does My Name BUHR Mean?
A name originating from Low German-derived from the word "bauer." It was used to mean a farmer. It, therefore, is an occupational name.

6. What Does My Name DEXTER Mean?
A name with two meanings. First, in Latin, it means someone who is skilled or right-handed. In Old English, it means someone who dyes.

7. What Does My Name CAMPANA Mean?
A name of Italian and Spanish background meaning a bell maker or sometimes a bell ringer. The first bell was produced in Campania hence the origin of the name.

8. What Does My Name GEYER Mean?
This is used to refer to a rapacious or a greedy individual. It has its own exotic nature and is derived from German where it points toward a large bird of prey or a vulture.

9. What Does My Name KARLY Mean?
A unique name with Scandinavian origins, Karli means womanly and used in the same breath as strength accorded to a person. This is a female version of the name Karl.

10. What Does My Name OLEN Mean?
With a Basis in Norse history, Olen means a relic. A person with this name is highly creative and is a leader, not a follower. He inspires people toward a higher cause and is proud of their convictions.

What does my name mean

11. What Does My Name OVERTON Mean?
This name is an English habitational name which means enclosure or settlement. From Old English, it means riverbank or slope. It is from an old word UFERA meaning upper.

12. What Does My Name BREAZEALE Mean?
It means a variant of Irish and Brazil. This name can also mean a good leader and organizer. This is a good name for babies because t can also mean curious and creative.

13. What Does My Name DIMASCIO Mean?
The Italian meaning points toward a Master Craftsman or a servant. A person with this name is said to be strong in material matters, determined and stubborn. A Master Craftsman indeed!!

14. What Does My Name DONNELLY Mean?
This name has Irish roots and is composed of the elements 'donn' which means brown and 'gal' which means valour. This valiant sounding name is mostly used in Ireland but is exotic enough to be used elsewhere as well.

15. What Does My Name MISTY Mean?
This is the short version of Melissa or Michelle. It came from the word MIST which means light fog. This is a popular girl's name.

16. What Does My Name DARLA Mean?
The name Darla has an English origin meaning darling. It can also mean "dear" or "loved one" or "only one" or even mean "the beloved one."

17. What Does My Name MCCOLE Mean?
The name is derived from the name Nicholas. In Greek word NIKAN which means to conquer. It is used as a surname than a given name.

18. What Does My Name EKSTROM Mean?
This ornamental name has its derivatives in Swedish and has the elements referring to Oak and the River current. A person with this name is fine in harmony and is easy-going with refined features.

19. What Does My Name BECKETT Mean?
The name is derived from the words "beo cot" of which has a literal meaning of "bee cottage." In English, the name is quite old and it means beehive.

20. What Does My Name BONANNO Mean?
The name is derived from the words "bon" which means good and "anno" which means year. Therefore, the name means good year.

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21. What Does My Name KARINA Mean?
It refers to an artistic and loving person and has its roots in Latin. A person with this name is fun and out-going. Definitely a true reflection of the meaning indeed.

22. What Does My Name FOLMER Mean?
A person who has the urge to help and understand others especially when it comes to dealing with the problems of others. A person with a responsible nature.

23. What Does My Name MIMI Mean?
It is come from the name Miryam which is a Hebrew name. It means Sea of Sorrow or Bitterness. It is also means Mistress of the Sea.

24. What Does My Name PERCLE Mean?
Someone who has the power or ability to express themselves either in writing or verbally. Studies and doing of research are in favor of you as you are clear and clever.

25. What Does My Name IVINS Mean?
It means bow or yew. That is, a weapon that has been generally made out of a special wood originating from the yew tree. It also means a person of idealistic nature.

26. What Does My Name CARDENAS Mean?
This is a habitational name from a place known as Cardenas in the provinces of Logrono and Almeria. The meaning is blue or bluish purple.

27. What Does My Name PASS Mean?
Pass is considered a pet form of the name Pascal. It means born on Easter or during the Passover. The name is derived from "Pascha" which meant Passover during pre-Christian days.

28. What Does My Name MALLOY Mean?
This is a popular Irish clan name that was derived from the Gaelic name "Maolmhuidh." It means a noble chief or a descendant of a great chief.

29. What Does My Name JACKSON Mean?
This is a name that has a Scottish origin and meaning. The name means God has always been Gracious and God has always shown favor.

30. What Does My Name LAFEVER Mean?
This name is a variant of the French word "Lefevre." It translates to mean someone who participated in manual labor. "Fevre" also means Smith.

31. What Does My Name MARIN Mean?
The name is derived from the Hebrew word "Miryam." It means the sea of sorrow or the sea of bitterness. An alternative meaning in Engish is "mistress of the sea."

32. What Does My Name TRACEY Mean?
The name is originally British but was derived from the Irish word "treasach." The literal meaning is "fighter" or "war-like.

33. What Does My Name DEERING Mean?
This name takes its meaning from Old English and means a dear one or a loved one. This is a charming name and usually kept for someone special to the heart.

34. What Does My Name DINOVO Mean?
It is a name of Latin origin derived from the expression "de novo." In Latin, it means "of new" but in English, the expression is used to mean "from the beginning."

35. What Does My Name TAGLE Mean?
Refers to a noble family from the Santander province in Spain. Such a person is said to be idealistic with strong feelings of friendship. He is a person who tries to support the strife of people.

36. What Does My Name DANOS Mean?
Refers to an individual who is determined, stubborn steady and practical. These qualities may bring him to a position of authority and power.

37. What Does My Name CARMA Mean?
This is a Sanskrit name meaning FATE. In some sources, this name means garden or vineyard. This is a popular girl's name.

38. What Does My Name ORAVEC Mean?
The name has a Czech and Slovak origin. It is a regional name meaning someone who originates from or is a native of the region of Orava.

39. What Does My Name NENA Mean?
A slang word in Spanish used to show endearment or affection. The equivalent meaning of the name in English is "baby" or "sweetheart."

40. What Does My Name PARIKH Mean?
The name is mostly use for Indian Hindu people. It came from Gujarati word ASSAYER which means a diamond examiner UB Sanskrit.